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This Week Has Been Like a Really Bad Country Song, But...

Let's see, first and foremost, I'm off sugar and caffeine. This was completely intentional because, well, time to get my butt back into a single digit size. Choosing this week to begin what I lovingly refer to as the "Bill Phillips Wants Me to Die" workout, was not, perhaps, exactly a great idea. It's been a really stressful week.

You know that old saying you can't choose your family? Well, that was definitely a bit of a slap on the rump for us this week. We've had a suicide, a funeral and, sadly, a brush with the law which is likely not end well. These are "married into" family members, but the impact of those individual choices certainly breaks my heart, particularly when I see the hearts of people I love breaking as well.

So, yeah, stepping onto the strength training train was not exactly a wise decision this week. However, I will say that it has certainly given me an avenue by which my frustrations and stresses can be exhausted.

As a result of said drama I haven't written a thing (not counting LitStack posts) this week. I feel horrible about that, but am looking forward to the perfect excuse to lock myself away this weekend and write until my fingers bleed.

Another plus? I'm down a full inch and seven pounds. Water weight, yes, I'm sure, but hey, it's a start.

Here's hoping that your weekends are bright and blessed and full of very fun and exciting things and not at all similar to the 'country song' week we've experienced here.

Be blessed,



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