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What a Woman Can't 

So I haven't written poetry since junior high. Forgive my greeness.
Simply stated...I felt compelled. Thank you, Delilah S. Dawson or the inspiration! (P.S. Jessica formatted this beautifully, but Squarespace refused to let those indents stand).



What a Woman Can’t
By: Tee Tate


Tell me what a woman can’t do

Tell me a woman
can’t write you a story
without heart,
without soul,
Without the need of a man

Tell me a woman
can’t struggle,
can’t inspire
can’t fight,
can’t desire.

Tell me a woman
can’t rule,
can’t teach,
can’t judge,
can’t preach.

Tell me a woman
can’t birth worlds
of impossible,
of the surreal,
of the sublime.

Tell me a woman
isn’t necessary,
isn’t essential,
isn’t a part of the conversation.

And I will tell you a few things

A woman is
a creature of limitless strength,
of insurmountable power.

She folds cells and atoms in the palm of her hand,
into mass, into pumping, thriving hearts,
into life, into being, into me,

into you,

into the mouth that you use to belittle her
to disrespect her purpose
her sense and every hope, dream, fulfillment, mistake.

She imagines a world where
even you,
yes you,
little man,

little scared

little frightened


are free to spew your venom.

She cradles
life, music, dance, rhythm,
souls, purpose, intelligence, design,
while you,
sit back and judge,
while you,
ponder her purpose,
while you,
seek to control, to domineer, to shame.

A woman gives
to thousands like her,
yes, even those who
refuse to honor her in name, in voice.

She leads
settles violence,
eradicates misery, poverty, intolerance
shifts the face of history.

Tell me what a woman can’t do.
Because she’ll always,
show you what she can.

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Ah, that is beautiful. :)

January 11, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterAnne C

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