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Painting Stories #17

I have no excuses, except to say..."procrastination is a helluva drug."

Warning, this image is pretty disturbing and was taken from here.

What I got (part of the WIP):

It begins with only the faint echo of the willow branches splintering in the gusts. Small leaves swirl on the wind and fall into the cave opening, still, like the creature, on the damp floor. Then, the formless figure convulses, pulses into a thin outline— bone, then muscle, blood and muck— until It stretches fingers and limbs, pumps blood, expels an awkward wheeze. Without a backward glance at the Master, or the darkened ground that was its bedrock, It traverses time, space and enters Man's dominion.


Painting Stories #13

What I got:

That night, the winds were ceaseless, cruel. Like the quick slaps of a thunderstruck wave, it hedged forward, onward until she is consumed by its power. It is relentless, like him, like his lust, his power and she can bear neither.

Picture courtesy of this place.Link


Painting Stories #12

Finally, the muse sneaks her flighty little way back into my mind. So...what brilliant stories does the following image conjure? I'd love to hear your blurbs.

What I got:

She swam the black lake. The fight to traverse the endless waters was violent; the sharp licks of waves slapped onto her face, covered her head and filled her nose. But it was the chase that left her gasping, the flight harried by a phantom pursuer she was certain trailed her. The wind picked up, and on its breeze, there came the whisper of his name, her captor, breathing against her wet skin. Ludas, it cried,a weak moan of dying struggle, the wheezing echo of his lost power.

Photo courtesy of this place.

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Painting Stories #11

What I got:
It was here, in this valley, among the brambles, flowing stream and cascading play of light and dark, where her spirit sprung so high, so present, that she knew she could almost touch the face of God.


Painting Stories #10

What I got:

It was a chrysalis of light and sound, woven together by the brush of energy she felt. The centrifugal force of magic lulled together so quickly that it hummed. It resonated through her fingers, electrified her skin and shown brilliant and burning in her chest.